I was bored earlier so I complied a list of some of my anime/drama favorites as well as what I'm currently watching if anyone is interested!

I have been watching anime for over 10 yrs now and during that span I've seen at least 1 episode of over 450 different series - I used to watch a lot, but have gotten much pickier in the past few years due to time restraints so while I've seen a little bit of a lot of shows I've probably only actually watched half of those series all the way through.  As for drama, it's really only been about the past 3 years that I've been watching seriously and before that just random shows every now and then so my spectrum to choose from is much smaller (and you will notice a very huge Yamapi bias, some of his shows I think I would like just as much with a different male lead but yes his being in them probably is why they all rank so high even when overall there are a lot better shows out there!  Here are my top 10 all time favorite anime/drama series and what I'm currently watching:

1.   gundam seed / gundam seed destiny
2.   card captor sakura
3.   rurouni kenshin
4.   fushigi yuugi
5.   initial d
6.   azumanga daioh
7.   slayers
8.   hana yori dango
9.   weiss kreuz
10. princess tutu

drama (mostly jdrama with one exception):
1.   buzzer beat
2.   you're beautiful (kdrama)
3.   proposal daisakusen
4.   kurosagi
5.   code blue
6.   gokusen2
7.   gokusen
8.   hana yori dango
9.   puzzle (2008)
10. tatta hitotsu no koi

currently watching (fall 2009):
anime - Umineko, Inuyasha final act, Sacred Blacksmith, Kimi ni Todoke, Kaidan Restaurant, Fairy Tail, Kobato
drama: Ohitorisama, Tokyo Dogs, Untouchable